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White Grass

Have you ever been in love?


Maybe it started out as a fling, but now it's grown into something more - it's your passion project, your baby, your business...


...And that's exactly why I take what I do seriously. Your business is apart of who you are and deserves your devotion, attention & zeal. You need someone in your corner who is devoted to not only helping your business succeed, but helping YOU succeed.


It's not to late to re-kindle the flame and wake up EXCITED about your business again!

Beloved Entrepreneur...


Strategic Partnership

Fractional COO


Looking for a steady and loyal right hand?

I'll help train and lead your team, develop and maintain your operations and take your ideas and bring them to life.

We'll strategize ways to scale your business, and execute your company vision so that the only thing you are wondering is "why didn't I do this sooner!?"

Here's what it would include




Strategic Planning and Decision Making Support

Implement or improve current Project Management Software

Plan and run regular team meetings, check in on projects and keep team on task

Systems and Processes Setup (SOPs) & Maintenance

Hire and onboard new team members to grow your business

KPI/Metric Tracking & Analysis

Work out long term goals, company vision and development

Review current strategy and KPI's and suggest and implement improvements

Advise Visionary CEO on big-picture business decisions

Set up automations and workflows to streamline back end processes

Implement shared Vision so your business objections are aligned

Develop and train a GROWTH mindset for your team and improve team culture

Kimberley 2.jpg
"Working with Aveline has been an absolute joy. When we first hired her on, she was able to observe our team and quickly learn where our pain points were and where I needed support. She took that feedback and integrated 2 new online tools and built out a system for us to manage all of our content and projects. Aveline learned the business model and our overall goal quickly, and was able to recommend improvements along the way. I also entrusted her with editing much of the content that goes out, and she was continually working on new strategies and ideas on how we could scale the business. Her efforts have contributed to the growth of my business and I've been able to trust her leadership, especially on our weekly team calls. Aveline is extremely personable and approachable, and is able to manage our team operations and any conflicts that arise. She learned on the fly, and was able to take my many ideas and implement them with ease. Aveline made me feel supported, especially as I experienced the growing pains that come with hiring a new virtual team member. She was able to successfully market the job opportunity, vet multiple candidates, and handle all first round interviews. She is very organized and is always making sure the team is on top of their projects and tasks, but is still able to jump in when I need the odd task complete! I've valued her feedback on developing and improving our marketing strategies and general operations, as she's been able to have a 'birds eye view' on the business. I've had a wonderful experience and would recommend anyone to work with her who wants an implementer to get things done and manage their team! Thank you for all your hard work!"

Kimberley Milousis, President & CEO of Empowered Living

Aveline made me feel supported

Results from my previous fractional COO clients...

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Copy of Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 9.24_ed

Jennifer Grayeb, Co-CEO of Datable 

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Strategy Sessions
Pleated Fabric

Business Strategy 


Ready to find clarity, direction & purpose - all in a custom plan, made for YOU and YOUR business?

Perhaps you still love what you do, but you are worried the challenges you're having may end up leaving you in a business break-up. 

Let me teach you the skills and strategy you need to revive the relationship and get you back to what you love doing most! 

Here's what it would include

A pre session detailed form application so I can ensure our session is as productive as possible

A 90 minute intense session where we cover EXACTLY the areas you are struggling with 

A strategic plan that details how to implement those changes in your business and with your team 

A Recording of the call for you to review afterwards


Aveline opened my eyes to the possibilities

" I've now had 2 Business Strategy Sessions with Aveline and I can honestly say it has really challenged me to seek clarity, direction and purpose in my business. Each time she had an agenda prepared and had done pre-work on my business to ensure we made the most of the session. I've enjoyed brainstorming different operational, team and marketing strategies with her and getting her opinion has been vital to my decision making process. Aveline was able to open my eyes to the possibilities in my business and I'm very grateful for the experience. If you are looking to gain clarity in your business and get a handcrafted action plan to implement afterwards, Aveline's Business Strategy Sessions are for YOU! "

Marcy Jackson, Hilltop Acres Member Market & Bakery

HR Support

Start to Finish HR 


Are you ready to hire but not sure where to start OR what to look for?

Maybe you want to hire a whole team but the idea of mapping it all out overwhelms you. 

I'll create & implement a hiring plan to find you the most ideal candidate(s) that match what you are ACTUALLY looking for - not what some algorithm says you are. Let's get the right people in your corner!

Here's what it would include

A 60 minute kick off call mapping out your ideal worker or team

A Customized Hiring Plan that aligns with your Company Vision and Mission

Screening all applicants and conducting first and second round interviews

Full Written Job Description written with your values and needs in mind to attract the perfect candidate

A Custom Job Application form with specific questions that you actually want the answer to

All Marketing & Advertising to promote the position(s)

Presenting final candidates and scheduling final interviews

Detailed Highlights of the top candidates sent to you 

BONUS:  Onboarding support up to 30 days after hire

BONUS: Help reviewing contracts, hours and any other HR concerns you may have

"I hired Aveline to help me find a stellar virtual team member to support me and my new business. While I was nervous at first, as all new business owners are, she did an exceptional job of walking me through the process of what it looked like to hire a virtual team member and all the logistics in between. She calmed my fears and made me feel supported despite experiencing the growing pains that come with hiring someone who I could trust with my business. She was able to successfully market the job opportunity, vet multiple candidates, and handle all first round interviews. She even reviewed the contract when it came time to onboard! I'm incredibly grateful for the intentionality she had in curating interview questions, and the care and attention she gave to each candidate. She provided insightful feedback for each candidate that was integral in my decision making process. Aveline really knows how to make people feel comfortable and is an exceptional communicator. If you need an HR expert in the online world, Aveline is your girl!"

Bri King, Butterflies and Bouquets Event Centre

Aveline calmed my fears

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