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Hey there!

I'm Aveline - Wife, Mama, COO, DOO & Operations Manager AKA System Cleaner-Upper, Lead Strategy Implementer, Professional Bugger, Fire putter-outter, Sounding Board, Right hand gal.

At the end of the day, I'm your Strategic Operations Partner, helping you create a business that you love. 



But it didn't start out that way...

After accepting a franchise management role right out of university, I started to see how business operations & strategy was not only my strength but my passion. While managing the franchise, I developed as a professional and an individual and took on the full responsibility of managing 3 assistants, over 20 contractors, 500+ clients and all business operations. 



After 5 and a half years, the business became a part of who I was, and I began to thrive and see it grow as a result.


While still working full time I branched out and started contracting on the side. After about a year and a half, I had my son, but continued to work for my clients postpartum. My business grew and I realized my true strength and passion lied in being the right hand to the CEO's I was serving - a Strategic Partner who has experienced what it's like to be the decision maker and knows how to support you. 


Whether it's getting you back to a place where you LOVE what you are doing again, or implementing strategies to scale your business, I want you to know - I've got your back. 


SoI get it...


get to know me


  • Marie-Kondo Organized

  • Resourcefulness is my love language

  • Detail-oriented, Natural Leader

  • Personable (I love people) 

  • Recovering Micromanager (& will train you to empower your team to grow too)

  • Growth mindset (Metrics motivate!)

  • Recovering perfectionist



  • Myers-Briggs: ENFJ-A / ENFJ-T (the protagonist) - The Diplomat, People Mastery

  • Kolbe: 9-7-2-2 (high fact-finder, high follow through)

  • Enneagram: 1w2

  • Strengths Finder: Developer, Connectedness, Relator, Responsibility, Harmony

  • DISC: I, S - Influence, Steadiness


♡ Experience the freedom that comes with releasing control?

♡ See your team thrive and develop as professionals?

♡ Have a back end that is optimized where you know who's doing what & when?

♡ Fully step into the CEO role and dream up ideas that scale your business?

Are you ready to.....

Image by Jen P.

It's not too late to fall in love ...

After being in the back of multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses, I've seen first-hand how successful business owners who look completely put together on the outside, were falling apart on the inside. 

I've seen things like:

  • Disorganized back end systems and project management tools

  • CEO's micromanaging and suffering as a result

  • High team member turnover

  • Reliance on people rather than systems

  • No accountability or roadmaps to success

  • Lack of data and metrics to make informed decisions 

...and more!

No wonder my clients wanted to quit! They loved their business, but this was getting out of hand. All they wanted was to fall in love with their business again, and love what they do as a result.

Let me help you re-kindle the flame 

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